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SYNERGA, our French group

SYNERGA is an independent Chartered Accountants and Chartered Auditors network in 80 French cities and having 1000 staff members.

Our membership in SYNERGA
– grants you our ability to react to the developments of the Law by using common skills and knowledge,
– grants you expert advice and a comprehensive service,
– grants you the benefit from the strength of a nationwide group, member of the MSI international network, to support your French and overseas development.


Ordre des Experts-Comptables

Our firm is a member of the French Association of Registered Accountants.


MSI Global Alliance, our international network

With over 250 carefully selected member firms in more than 100 countries worldwide, MSI Global Alliance (MSI) is one of the world’s leading international associations of independent legal and accounting firms.Global legal and accounting advice to support your business
When you are doing business across borders, you need professional advisors who are not only experts in the laws, tax systems, regulations and customs of your own jurisdiction, but who also have the experience, capabilities and resources to support your business activities in other countries.
That is where MSI member firms can help. For more than 25 years, our members have been providing high quality cross-border advice.Advisors you can trust
From setting up overseas subsidiaries to understanding foreign tax regulations, our members can help you overcome the challenges you face, take full advantage of new opportunities and smooth your path to business success, almost anywhere in the world.
With MSI Global Alliance, you can be assured that wherever you do business, you benefit from high quality, transparent and cost-effective support tailored to the needs of your business.

A common culture
MSI member firms are among the leading and most reputable, independent local firms in their marketplaces and focus on serving clients of a similar size and profile.
They are united by a common desire to provide partner-led, reliable and personal services.

A commitment to high standards
To ensure sound advice in every location, every MSI member firm has been through a meticulous selection and due diligence process that requires each firm to meet specific criteria including :
• A broadly based commercial practice
• Independently owned and mid-sized in their local jurisdiction
• The ability to work in English
• Strong local focus and international experience
• A diverse and growing client base
MSI’s Code of Conduct also ensures members and clients can count on member firms for reliable and responsive services wherever in the world they require professional advice.

A global association
Although MSI is not a worldwide partnership or network (as defined by the European Union and IFAC), member firms share a commitment to providing a high level of service to clients wherever they are doing business. MSI provides strong independent firms with a framework for assisting clients involved in national and international marketplaces.
MSI is a non-practising international association and does not deliver services in its own name. Each member firm is a separate, independent firm. No individual member firm is responsible for the services or activities of any other